Fly Fishing Improving – A Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report

 Adam Rich and Brian Chou showing off a double header on Rooster fish from the beach.

Adam Rich and a nice Rooster fish.

Here is Garett Gill and TRB guide Lance Peterson showing off a nice Jack that Garett caught from the beach.

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for May 26th 2010.
Written by
Jeff deBrown

Water temp. 75 – 78
Air temp. 73 – 93

Hi folks,

Fishing this past week was pretty good over all.  We still do not have any Sardina in the area for bait, so if you want them you have to make the long run to the North as they seem to be hanging off the South end of the island.

For those who did make the long run to the North for bait the inshore fly fishing action for Rooster fish and Lady fish along the beach and inshore was very good.  Most of the Rooster fish were in the 2-5 pound class with the occasional double digit fish showing up.  We have a few nice Jacks in the area but the massive schools that we saw for so many weeks have left the area.  I got a report of great fishing for Jacks on the Pacific side so I guess they have moved around the corner.

Offshore we continue to see decent action for Tuna.  These fish have been offshore under porpoise as well as to our South off Frailes.  The fishing for Marlin has picked up and we have a good number of them in the area.  The most action this past week came from the boats fishing from 1-3 miles out.  The fish seemed to be in the area from Cabo Pulmo to the Lighthouse.  The fishing for Dorado is improving but we still do not have them here in high numbers.  As the water continues to warm up, we should start to see more of them in the area.

I have a great group of anglers arriving today.  Eric Rathburn and the Moldy Chum group will be fishing with us the next few days.  I am looking forward to spending time with them as they are always a very fun group.  We will be fishing the next four days from the beach as well as offshore.  I will be sure to let everyone know how we do.

Until next time…..keep fishing.