Grande Roosters On the Beach and Hot Marlin Bite.

Jeff deBrown



Air temp

Low: 61
High: 92

Week of May 21 st

Hi All!

The beach fishing has picked up this last week and we found several roosters on the beach. Also, some bait has shown up and it’s helped bring in some big fish. All the roosters on the beach at the moment average 25-40lbs. However, these fish are very educated and we had several shots at some nice fish, but we just could not get one on. We had had one grande fish turn and chase all the way to the shoreline and turned at the last second.

Rod bent


rooster beach

Offshore the The dorado bite and marlin bite is very good and most fish are found less than 5 miles from shore. The water temps are increasing and this is why we are seeing some great angling at the moment. Β We will be back out with clients fishing the beach this weekend and I will have a new report up shortly. If anyone has questions regarding trips, or rates, please feel free to call and we will be happy to answer questions.

Tight lines,