Grande Roosters On the Beach!

Jeff deBrown


Air temp

Low: 67

High: 91

Hi Everyone,

Tropical storm Erik came through and passed without effecting the fishing much at all. There are still some patches of Green water near the beaches but for the most part the water has cleaned up nicely. This week we have seen some big spawning rooster fish on the beaches. Most are over 20lbs, but they are picky… Although they are spawning there is no shortage of fish to take shots at!

Big Dorado

The outside is fishing really well right now. Currently we have tuna with porpoise and the average tuna are anywhere from 15-150 lbs. In the mix we are finding striped marlin and some really big dorado. None of the dorado are in schools and are all single fish. However, they are some of the biggest dorado we have seen this season.

The season is going well and there is no shortage of species to fish for in a day. If you have any questions about trips please give us a call and we are happy to assist.

Tight lines,