Hurricane season has arrived

Hi folks,

This time if year is when we see hurricanes here in Baja and this past couple weeks we have seen plenty of action. Last week we saw wind and rain from tropical storm Javier as it passed. Javier closed down the port for a couple days due to strong winds offshore and slight rain along with dome very some big swells. Overall all was a non factor but the little bit of rain we got was nice.

This is a different story. Right in the heels of Javier we had hurricane Kay. Kay was headed directly for the tip of the Baja peninsula but as she formed it slid further to the west staying off shore as it passed us and then eventually turning back yo the East making landfall in the area of Guerrero Negro. Kay was a big storm growing to over five hundred miles across and topping out at a category three hurricane but when it made land fall was a category 2.

Kay brought us about seven to ten inches of rain and some gusty winds that only topped out at about 60 mph. With all that water the arroyos were running good and fast with a few of them still running as we are now about 48 hours past the storm. Town is fine just some major clean up of sand that has been deposited in streets due to the flooding.

On the fishing front the port was opened today at 7am so the boats out fishing today will see what they can encounter. The inshore and beach fishing will not be good for awhile as the entire shore line is very off color due to the arroyos still running. This off colored water extends up to half a mile or more in some places.

Currently we are not fishing. I am actually headed to the United States tomorrow to take a fishing trip for myself. I will be in Mountains for the next couple of weeks chasing some high country trout with some friends. Once I return from the U.S. I will be headed straight to Magdalena Bay to begin our season there. We will be there the months of October, November, and December. I will get the latest report from my Magdalena bay captain of the action happening there when I return from my trip. please look for my next report in two weeks on all the action taking place around the peninsula. Until then I wish you tight lines.