The question of the week: Inshore for Roosters and Jacks…or offshore for Marlin,Dorado,and Sails? Baja had it all.

Baja fly fishing update and report for the dates of April 24th – May1st 2008

Written by – Jeff deBrown
The Reel Baja

Water Temperature – 70 / 76
Air Temperature – 65 – 88

The above photo’s are of Peter kelbe and his son Nate from Sugar grove Illinois. They are showing off their first ever Rooster fish and Nate has a very nice Dorado as well.

Here is Dave Gellatly showing off one of his many Rooster fish we caught.

This is Rob Boyle from Dalton Pa. Rob and I fished yesterday and this was Rob’s first Rooster fish. It was one of many.

Weather – This past week we have seen beautiful weather. The mornings are still slightly cool but as the sun comes over the horizon it warms up quickly. We have not seen any hint of North wind the past few days so if we are lucky we are done for the season. We have seen some gentle breezes from the South on occasion making the weather perfect. This is my favorite time of year here in Baja.

Beach – The beach continues to hold smaller Rooster fish as well as some Jack’s. We have seen bait starting to gather in the area of Punta Colorado providing some good early morning action. Most of the fish in this area have been Rooster Fish and a few Crevelle. A few Pompano have also been in the area. Heading a little further North the beach has had good action for small to medium sized rooster fish with a few shots at larger Rooster fish mixed in. We have seen some bigger Crevelle starting to cruise the shore lines as well as some of the spawning schools are starting to break up.

Inshore – The Bonita bite we have seen the past couple of weeks has dropped slightly but their are still plenty in the area to make things interesting. We continue to see some very large schools of Jack Crevelle just off shore as these fish are still in the spring spawn. We have been able to get them excited throwing bait into the pods but it dose not last very long as they quickly go back to their business at hand. We have also seen some bigger Rooster fish mixed in with these Crevelle as well.

Off Shore – we have a large number of Marlin and Sail fish in the area at the moment. These fish have been a little tricky. We have plenty of squid in the area and the moon phase did not help us this past week and these fish have been eating well. Some days we are seeing lot’s of fish but we can not get them to take as they are stuffed with squid. The fish are moving at a fast pace as well pushing the bait around. In a thirty six hour period these schools of fish went from four miles out in front of La Ribera to almost twelve miles off shore and twenty miles to the North. We still have a fair number of Dorado in the area but they are spread out over quite an area ranging from the 88 to Cabo Pulmo.