Its Hot- Fishing Is Steady.

Jeff deBrown


Air temp

Low: 82
High: 95

Week of August 1st, 2018

HOT!!  The weather is hot. Been pretty nice with no storms. One overcast day last week but overall lots of sun and heat. Bring sunscreen.

* Beach – it’s been a little difficult. There are a few fish in and around on the beach, but not many. The ones that are here are big though. My buddy Solis was here for 5 days to hit the beach. He got one nice fish over the 5 days, but it was a beauty. Overall, from the beach, it’s slow but not undoable if you put in the time.

*Offshore – it’s been ok. We have had decent fishing for tuna and dorado mostly to the south. There was a nice school of tuna out with the porpoise but a commercial tuna boat came and wrapped them up.

There are a lot of marlins both blue and striped but they are scattered so you have to go looking. No real concentration in a certain spot. You have a chance just about anywhere.

We have been seeing a few more roosters from the boat in the deeper water over the numbers on the beach. It might be due to water temps as the water inshore is pretty warm at the moment.  But this is just a theory… Defiantly a few more from the boats than the beach so i’d focus on the deeper water.

We do have some dates available so if anyone is interested in coming down please call.  

Tight lines,