It’s May and the roosters have arrived

Hi folks,

As we begin the month of May and the rooster fish have arrived. We spent this past week fishing for these amazing fish and with time and effort we were rewarded.

Fly fishing for rooster fish with @thereelbaja

We did most of our fishing from the boat this past week but we did manage to get out on the beach a little. We are still having to take the long run to the North for bait when fishing from the boat. There are good concentrations of sardines at the island so that’s where we have been going and doing a better part of our fishing. On the days we were on the beach we did see good schools of Mullet but only a hand full of sardines.

My son with a beach caught rooster fish

Out of the boat we’ve had success up North with some larger roosters. Mixed in we have also seen some nice pompano and jacks along with a few other species. There have been a lot of boats fishing for these roosters. When you have sometimes ten to fifteen boats throwing bait one species or another is bound to show up.

A nice fly caught rooster while fishing with @reelbaja

With all the boats and all the pressure on these fish the name of the game is first of all patience. Many boats are throwing bait so getting fish around your boat can be difficult at times. As I said above they will eventually show up around your boat giving you an opportunity. The hard part is when the fish do show up not getting “buck fever”. There have been some big roosters that are very wise and you have to be willing accept that these fish are going to reject your offerings more often than not. If you understand that and you are patient and make good presentations when given the opportunity you can succeed.

A great fly caught African Pompano caught while fly fishing with @thereelbaja

Closer to home we had some decent inshore action from the boat catching jacks, ladyfish, rooster fish, and a few yellow tail snapper.

A fly caught Jack while fly fishing with @thereel baja

If you’re looking to go further offshore the best action has been for marlin. The marlin have shown up on the banks in La Ribera and have been biting very well. We will be chasing them tomorrow. Along with the marlin there have also been some nice dorado. There have not been many schools of dorado just singles but the fish have been good size.

As I mentioned earlier along the beach we have been seeing some good bait schools. We have good numbers of Mullet and I did see a very few sardines. With the arrival of the bait we are stating to see roosters and jacks along the beach. Most of the roosters as well as the jacks have been in the five pound range but there are some bigger fish starting to show.

Fly fishing for rooster fish from the beach with @thereelbaja

The weather has been wonderful. We still have some cooler mornings that are very fresh and crisp. As the day heats up it’s been quite warm on a couple days. Our overnight lows have been in the mid to low 60’s with daytime temperatures topping out around the low to mid 80’s.

A beautiful Baja morning @thereelbaja

We will be out on the water each day this week. We plan on hitting the beach as well as doing some fishing from the boat. I will be sure to let everyone know how we do this week. Spring time is a great time to be in Baja. We hope you come join us. Until next time I wish everyone tight lines and good fishing.