Magdalena Bay fly fishing still going strong

Hi folks,

As we are about half way through our season the fishing continues to be good. The nights are getting chilly but the fishing continues to be on the warm to hot side. 

Last week we saw the marlin fishing to the South drop odd a little. We had a cold front that pushed through and the water temperature dropped from 77.6 to 73.1. This colder water also was slightly green and not the deep blue it was last week. 

The marlin seemed to be sliding a little more South than the previous week as the water was slight warmer in that direction. The marlin we were seeing were fairly lazy chasing the teaser half heartedly and just seemed a little sluggish.

We still did fairly well but didn’t see quite the action as the previous weeks but it still kept us busy. We will see how the conditions are and if the fish are still in the area as we are headed there for a few days starting this afternoon. 

We are still seeing good tuna and dorado action to the North of the marlin grounds. They are around the bouys so checking each one is the key. 

The mangroves continue to produce as always. We got some great snook and grouper this week. We also had an epic bite with snappers as they were on the top feeding on small bait fish. We were even able to get some on poppers. It was a ton of fun. 

We will be hunting for marlin this week. We will be sure to report how we do. It should be a fun week if we can find them.  Being away from them for a couple days as the cold front moved through it’s always a hunt to see if we can find them. 

Until next time we wish everyone great fishing.