Magdalena Bay no Place like it

Hi folks,

For those of you that follow this report itโ€™s been a while since I posted. As I said in my last report I was away in the states for a few weeks getting my trout fishing fix. 

We just returned home and are packing up to leave for Magdalena bay where we run our fall operation and lodge. I will be there starting on Tuesday and my other guide is already there fishing with our first clients. 

In talking with my captain about todays trip the report was they stayed in the mangroves as hurricane Orlene is causing large swells that are pushing up against a Northeast wind making the blue water just to nasty to fish.  

The report is the mangroves are fishing exceptionally well and our clients were into fish all day. They got into grouper, snapper, corvina, pompano, and snook. They got into so many fish they said they couldnโ€™t land another fish as their arms were just to tired.

Looks like they may have to fish the mangroves one more day waiting on the seas to calm but sounds like there is plenty of action. They will try and get out into the blue water on Tuesday.  A few days ago the report outside was there were big numbers of dorado and tuna as well as some marlin out in front of the island as well as north on the buoys. 

Here in the East Cape fishing remains good with good catches of dorado, tuna, sierra, and some smaller to medium roosters along the beaches as well as a little further outside. 

Once I get to Magdalena bay on Tuesday I will be sure to post another update as to the fishing. We will welcome a group from AZ fly shop on Wednesday and fish them starting on Thursday morning for a few days. I will be sure to report how we do. Until then we wish everyone great fishing.ย