Our Magdalena bay fly fishing season rolls on

Hi folks,

As our Magdalena bay fly fishing season rolls on we continue to see great action over all.  We had a few days that were better than others but that’s fishing. 

In the mangroves we continue to see good action for grouper, snapper, orange mouth corvina, as well as some smaller snook. We fished mostly to the North this past week but did take a trip down South and found some action for a few golden trevally. The flies that were most successful this week in the mangroves were small shrimp patterns fished deep as well as sardine patterns fished just under the surface. I love the mangroves as it always provides good action and you never know what your going to catch. 

Golden Trevally caught in Magdalena bay with The Reel Baja
Mangrove grouper in mag bay with The Reel Baja

Offshore the marlin bite continues to be very strong. The fishing slowed down a couple days this week but has ramped back up the last three days with nonstop action. The fish are still located very far South and seem to be moving ever so slightly to the North and slightly further off shore. We have some wind coming starting today for the next day or possibly two. We will see what this wind does to the water temperatures and the school. 

Bait ball in Magdalena bay
The Reel Baja

Along with the marlin to the South there are also plenty of dorado. Both the dorado and the marlin are working the bait balls that are currently sardines. Most of these dorado have been in the eight to fifteen pound class with a few larger ones mixed in. 

Fly caught dorado in Magdalena bay with The Reel Baja

A little further to the North there has been good action for yellowfin tuna. The tuna have been both breezing as well as associated with porpoise. They have been fun to catch and are just the right size for fly fishing. They have averaged about fifteen to twenty five pounds. 

Tuna on the fly in Magdalena bay with The Reel Baja

If there is any place to be in the fall for some amazing salt water fly fishing it’s Magdalena Bay here in Baja. Come join us!

Until next time we wish everyone great fishing.