Rooster fish make a good showing – Fishing report for Southern Baja week ending 4/17/22

Hi everyone,

This past week we had very low wind on most days allowing us to get out and fish every day this past week. Overall the fishing was pretty good. We continue to see the water a little cooler than normal for this time of year with the water temps averaging 72 degrees. Here in the Los Barriles area bait has been a little hard to get so we have been making the long ride to the North as there is a good supply of bait near Cerravlo island.

Up near Cerravlo island we have had good action for rooster fish as well as some nice skip jack tuna. The skip jack tend to be more active in the mornings so we have been concentrating on them early in the day and once the action for them slows we have been heading to the rooster grounds. Having bait was the key to our success this week to the North.

nice skip jack on fly

North is not the only direction there are fish. Closer to home along the beaches we have been seeing decent numbers of rooster fish as well as some jacks. We have had fair interest from the fish along the beach but they did not really want to commit to eating our flies. They would certainly show interest and investigate heavily but getting the conversion and having them actually eat the fly was tough this past week. I believe this was due to the fact that the full moon was upon us and the fish seemed like they were a little sluggish possibly due to the cooler water. Between the moon and the cooler water they just were not aggressive along the beaches this past week. Now this coming week let’s hope that’s a different story.

Out of the boats here in the Los Barriles area things were over all fair. Again bait was a little hard to come by in this area but if you didn’t have bait the action was pretty good for pompano and skip jack using small jigs. We had a light tackle trip this week and our guests did really well landing a hand full of pompano in the area of the light house. I saw photos of the first yellow fin tuna of the year were also caught in the same area using small jigs as well. Hopefully the tuna show in numbers fairly soon.

A little further off shore there have been the occasional marlin and the occasional dorado caught but no big numbers to speak of with either species. We should start seeing marlin in better numbers any time. I always love fly fishing in the spring for marlin.

On the Pacific side out of Cabo San Lucas we are seeing very good action for Sierra Mackerel. They have been very plentiful in the area of the lighthouse and extending up to the area of El Rancho. The fish have been very willing to take flies both near the surface as well as deeper fished on a sinking line. Also in the area of El Rancho there have been a few schools of jacks and the occasional rooster as well but sierra have been the main target for the fly anglers this past week.

We will start out the week with some wind on both sides of the peninsula on Monday and it does not look like it will be favorable to be out on either side on Monday. On Tuesday the forecast is showing favorable fishing conditions for the rest of the week and we will be out with our guests so please be sure to check back with us to see how we do. Until next time we wish everyone good fishing.