Baja Mexico Fly Fishing: Roosterfishing From The Beach!

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for May 12, 2009

The Reel Baja


Water temp.  76 – 79 (perfect!)
Air temp. 56 – 85 


Hey all,

Ten days ago Jeff DeBrown made a fishing report.  That day Jeremy and Joey from Flies and Fins rolled into town.  Hip, stoked, and ready, these two railed on roosterfish both inshore and from ‘de beach’ as Joey would say.   This week you got me, k8 taylor.  You’re probably wondering who? and why?….I guess it’s because I like doing this.  I publish a blog Rogue Angels dedicated to women fishermen.  I love to fish, photograph, and write about my adventures and those of other talented women fishermen. Currently I am sitting on DeBrown’s couch (while he ties flies for tomorrow’s trip) after a ridiculously delicious Mexican quesadilla meal with a beer.  Bliss is how I would describe life in Mexico.  My partner, Justin Crump, and I have been here since the third week of April and fished every day except one.  My ankles are swollen from running up and down, my hand is cramped from casting pressure, and my mind is focused.  On roosterfish.  Each day has been spent wandering beaches for the entire day hunting for those bait crashing, intelligent, fly diverting creatures.

So it seems this all puts me in a good postion to write the current report.  This week has brought success for Justin, myself, and Jeff.  Yesterday Justin hooked up with a fifty pounder, ‘Pezgallo Grande,  only to have the hook pop out fifteen minutes into the battle.  Nevertheless, he walked away proud.  Roosterfish don’t come easy and they don’t always come.  Your perspective needs to take a turn with this fishery.  In my opinon, watching a roosterfish chase your fly into the beach should rank up with one of your favorite days on the water, regardless of a hookup. You are hunting.

While hunting, you can expect to run into a few Jack Crevalle schools cruising in between rooster sightings.  The past ten days have been extremely lucky for us in hooking and landing these powerful fighting machines.  Tough and strong, Jacks put up a great fight to keep your mind in the game:
My first Jack Crevalle on the fly!

That’s me with my first Jack Crevalle!

Here are some photos from the last ten days fly fishing from the beach here on the East Cape in Baja:

Jeff and his Jack
Jeff gets a day off and lands a 20# Jack Crevalle on the fly

Justin and a nice rooster fly caught
Justin with a beauty rooster.

Brendan with Jack Crevalle on fly
Our friend, Brendan, with a sweet Jack.

my first big roosterfish on the fly
Me with my first good sized rooster on the fly!

On fronts off the beach, Marlin are now starting to bite but still a bit reluctant.  A sixty five pound Dorado was landed a few days ago, and roosterfish have been coming easy to the pangas.  All good omens if you’re coming down this way anytime soon.

See you on de beach, mon.