Tough Conditions-Still Fishing

Jeff deBrown



Air temp

Low: 78 High: 81

Week of August 25th, 2014

Hi All,

Well, to say the least… the fishing has been very tough recently. Over the weekend we had some rain and wind move in from hurricane Maria, which was offshore from us. While our general area was not affected directly by the hurricane, it did cause some unfavorable conditions which has made fishing hard. In addition to the wind and rain, there’s also been a lack of sardina recently. For the boats that did get some sardine, there were some bonito, small tuna and dorado around. We are looking at conditions improving shortly and when that happens we will be back it, targeting the best areas of the beach, inshore and offshore.

The photos in the post are from some of our recent trips before the weather turned:



On the plus side… we have had some time to focus on exploring a few new spots and we are working on some new packages for the fall/winter season.  As a guide there is nothing better than seeing happy clients and we look forward to fishing with you soon. The weather should be back to normal soon enough, and as soon as the rough weather passes, we will hit the water and report back what we find.

Stay tuned and tight lines.