Tuna and Marlin make a showing

Hi folks,

This past week the fishing offshore with good fishing for tuna and marlin. The tuna were associated with a couple different schools of porpoise. The schools were a fair run out to the East with most of the action being found between 28 and 35 miles out. Most of the tuna were between 8 and 35 pounds on average.

In the same area as the tuna there was a pretty good school of marlin also keeping anglers happy. The marlin were eager to take lures as well as live bait.

We also are starting to see a few more dorado in the area. We have been seeing them off shore with the other action as well as on some of the buoys. The water is still a little cool for them but as it warms we should see a few more of them showing up.

Baja dorado fly fishing

The inshore and beach were tough this past week. we did happen to find some small roosters and a few medium sized jacks but over all it was tough going on the inside.

Baja Jack

We will be out each day this coming week both inshore and offshore. We will be sure to let you know how we do. Until next time we wish everyone good fishing.