We Are On the Beaches

Jeff deBrown

Owner/Guide http://thereelbaja.com/


Air temp

Low: 64 High: 89

Week of June 23rd

Hi All,

Things are picking up and we have had some great fishing. Overall the top bite has stayed the marlin bite, but things are heating up on the beaches as well. My clients have decided to focus on the beach this week. We are seeing spawning activity but most of the fish are really big.

Marlin June

Iโ€™ve seen roosters up 70 pounds cruising the beachesโ€ฆ However, getting the fish to commit has been and stayed a challenge, but itโ€™s a ton of fun turning fish.


The spawn should be over within the beach and we will see more roosters eating instead of just chasing down the fly. There has been a lot of mullet on the inshore, but there are no sardine that have shown up yet.


On the offshore bite there are some nice tuna mixed in with porpoise and are roughly 5 miles out. While looking for porpoise we have found sailfish and a few blue marlin as well. The season is well under way and we are excited to get our clients into some incredible fishing. If anyone has any questions please feel free to call for information.

Tight lines,