Who Turned Off the Switch?

Jeff DeBrown
The Reel Baja

Air temperature

High’s mid 80’s

Low’s high 60’s


Hello everyone,
This week was an interesting one to say the least. I spent almost the entire week fishing out of Cabo with my guests. We encountered some pretty strong winds and heavy seas for the first couple of days we fished and did not see much action between the wind and the waves.  We did manage to tease in a few fish, but it was very late in the day and by that time after trying to stand up in the boat and make a good cast became challenging he headed in to shore. They did a good job but their hard work and efforts went unrewarded unfortunately. I had heard about a few fish being caught out of San Jose so I decided to take my next group to the South to see if the rumors were true.
 Jack 3-21
As we got to San Jose the first thing I noticed was how calm and nice the weather was.  This was great as after the experience we had just seen on the other side a little flat water was nice to see.  Not long after we were there we had fish behind the boat.  My client made a great cast and we were hooked up to a nice rooster fish.  After landing that fish we had a few more fish behind the boat over the next hour or so. The next thing that happened was someone turned off the switch!  We went the rest of the day and we could do everything but get a fish behind the boat.  It has been a very long time since we have had that great action like that only to have it die off as quick as it did.
Since we found a few fish the day before I decided to take my next group right back to the same place hoping the bite might last a little earlier than it did the day before.  As we arrived once again we had fish behind the boat.  We had shots at roosters but they soon decided to fade in a hurry just as they did the day before.  We did find a nice school of jacks and we were able to a get a very nice fish out of that school.
 Rooster 3-21
Here at home the fishing is starting to pick up.  We are seeing good bait along the beaches and some decent roosters and jacks chasing them down.  It is not hot and heavy but you can feel the season starting to gain speed.  Offshore we are seeing a few bill fish as well plus a few yellow tail on the high spots.  I did hear of a few tuna being caught a long ride to the South but I think they are very hit and miss right now.  We also have a good number of Bonita in front of La Ribera giving us some good action.
I will be here at home most of the week and on the water almost every day this week with guests.  I will be sure to let you know how we do.  Looking at the forecast it looks as if it will be pretty calm in the East Cape.  This is good because this is Easter week here in Mexico.  Our area beaches are going to be very crowded with locals enjoying the warm weather and great beaches with many of them camping along the beaches for most of the week with the highest number of people between Wednesday and Sunday.  My trips will be out of the boat this week as it will be just to crowded to fish the beaches effectively.  If we can get a day in or two on the beach we will, but it will depend on the crowds.
I will be sure to let everyone know how the fishing is going  for us this upcoming week.  I hope everyone finds a way to get out and go fishing this week.
until next time……..tight lines!