Winds blow and fish bite in Baja

Baja fly fishing update and report for the week of June 4th – 11th 2008

Written by – Jeff deBrown
The Reel Baja

Water Temperature – 69 / 81
Air Temperature – 65 / 85

This is Jeff Regan from Carlsbad CA. with his first ever Dorado!

Here is Jeff with his first Rooster fish on a fly!

This is Russ Heitz from Boise, Idaho and his first Rooster fish. p1010484.JPG
Russ with his first ever Dorado!

This is Rick Walth also from Boise, ID. showing off his first ever Rooster fish.

Weather – This past week we have once again seen a little of everything as far as the weather. Over on the Pacific side the wind really blew from the west – northwest at 20- 25 knots for about three days this past week and that wind wrapped around the corner giving us some very sloppy seas. The wind back off in the evenings giving us calm mornings but by about noon each day they picked back up and the seas were once again grumpy. As I write this report the winds are forecast to blow one more day and then back off to a gentle breeze for most of the week. We did also see some high clouds this past week keeping the temperatures down and making Baja a very comfortable place to be.

Beach – Once again this past week the beach was consistent if you got out early and beat the wind. Along some of the beached we are seeing some off colored water due to the wind but on the beaches that remain clear we are still seeing very good fishing for smaller to medium sized Rooster fish (with a few grandes mixed in) along with some of the biggest Lady fish we have seen. We also continue to see some good fishing for Jack Crevelle with most of these fish between five and ten pounds. I have a friend who is here and he has been fishing some of the beaches to the North and he reports a good number of Mexican look down along these beaches as well as Rooster fish and Lady fish.

Inshore – The inshore fishing this past week continued to provide some shots at bigger Rooster fish along with some very nice Jack Crevelle. These Crevelle were once again found out in front of La Ribera out about one mile. We also continue to see some nice Bonita in this same area.

Off Shore – The fishing off shore continued to provide good action for bill fish as well as some very nice Dorado. Early in the week we had quite a few patches of Sargasso and if you were lucky enough to find one it most likely held Dorado. I found some very nice fish under a patch while fishing with Jeff Regan. We had all the action we could handle. For the anglers that did not find any Sargasso they still found plenty of action as we have Dorado spread out all over the bay. Most of these Dorado were caught by trolling lures and then fly fishing to the other Dorado that followed the hooked fish to the boat. With the wind the past couple of days the fish seem to be moving around some as we are seeing a little cooler water coming up from the south.