Baja Mexico Fly Fishing: July Begins With Some Good Fishing

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for July 1st 2009
The Reel Baja


Water temp.  78 – 80
Air temp. 67 – 93

July starts with a great sunrise and plenty of fish waiting to be caught on the fly.

Adam Rich with his first Rooster fish on a fly.

Hi folks,

This past week the weather was a little strange.  As you know the storm from last week did not give us any excitement around here.  It fell apart out at sea and we did not even see a drop of rain out of it.  We did see some good swells and a strong Southerly wind for a couple of days that made fishing pretty tough for a couple of days.  The wind and semi over cast skies did cool off the water temperatures a bit but over the last couple of days we are back to flat calm seas with sunshine and not a cloud in the sky bringing the water temps. back up a couple of degrees and we are back to normal around here.

On the fishing front we continue to have some pretty good fishing in the area.  On the beach we still have some good fishing for mid size Rooster fish and Jack Crevelle.  I spent a day on the beach with my client Adam Rich who traveled from Canada to chase rooster fish with me.  We saw a few fish and had a few really good looks at the fly but no takers.  I fished with some other clients I have here for a day and Adam and his wife Jodi (known as “Eagle eyes”) went out to prospect as I could not be with them and Adam got a really nice Crevelle that was spotted by Jodi of course.  Adam tells me after she pointed out the fish he made the cast and everything went right.  After a great fight Adam released this great fish.


Along the beach we also have very high numbers of Lady fish as well as a few Mexican look down and Needle fish.  We are still seeing a few groups of Jack Crevelle and some very nice sized Rooster fish spawning along some of the beaches.  It is a late in the season for this activity but it is good to see some of the bigger fish in the area.  We have had very good action for these bigger fish in the area of La Ribera.

Inshore we still have some decent fishing for small to medium sized Dorado.  The size of these fish has ranged from five pounds to fifteen pounds with a few fish in the twenty to forty pound range being reported.  We continue to see some good fishing for Bonita as well.  Most of them have been in the ten pound range with a few larger ones mixed in.

Offshore we have a good number of marlin but they are tough on the fly at the moment.  We were out today and saw about fifteen bill fish but only got two to come up on the teaser and both of them were quick to drop off.  On the tuna front we have a few more fish in the area but most of them have been a long run to the South and they have been on the smaller side ranging from five to ten pounds with a few fish in the twenty five pound range.

I will be on the water here in the East Cape for the next couple of days fishing with Adam and Jodi seeing what we can encounter.  I will then have some friends coming to visit me from home and we will do a little fishing.  We are discussing going over to take a look at Magdalena bay for a couple of days and explore the mangroves and even go off shore for a day or two.  We also may just stay here on the cape.   I will be sure to let you know what we decide and how it goes.  Until next week.  Good fishing.