A little rain and a few fish

Hi everyone,

This past week we have had mixed weather and that has brought mixed fishing. It’s that time of year where we can start a day with bright sunny skies and calm seas but by the end of the fishing day you may experience a short down pour and some larger swells.  These small cells that pass through cool things down nicely.  The rain showers may not happen every day but when they do they are welcomed because without them it’s been down right hot!

We have been seeing day time high’s in the low to mid 90’s with an average of about 75% humidity.  

The water temperatures are very high as well. The water on average is in the mid 80’s. We found some water this past week offshore that was 89.9 degrees. That’s getting awfully warm. Hopefully the rains we are starting to experience will cool the waters off just a little bit as our main hurricane season is fast approaching. 

On the fishing side there has been a little action both offshore as well as inshore. Again it’s fishing but here is what we experienced this past week.

We spent a little time on the beach this past week looking for life. On most days we had cloudy skies and couldn’t see much but we had a day or two where it was not to bad. On the days we had a little light we saw a few of fish. We didn’t see many but we did see a few rooster fish and the occasional jack. None of them had any interest in our offerings. I think this is due to the full moon we were experiencing as well as the warm water temperatures. There was not much bait on the beaches this week.  This should improve as we move past the full moon. 

Bait was also hard to come by if you were in a boat and looking for bait to take offshore. Hopefully this improves as well. 

If you were in a boat this past week you had a few options. What got a lot of attention was to go to the banks and do a little vertical jigging. This provided some anglers with early morning action that included species like snapper, amberjack, tile fish, and very good sized skip Jack. They would spend their mornings jigging and when the bite slowed down they would head out looking for game fish like marlin and Tuna as well as dorado. 

Another option was to head straight out to the bouys and look for a big dorado. We are still experiencing a decent dorado bite in this area. Most of the fish have been taking trolled lures or flies. Unfortunately they have been single fish and not schools where we can get them around the boat and actually fly cast to them. On the bright side they have been very nice size ranging from twenty to fifty pounds. 

We continue to see a decent bite for billfish but you have to be patient. If your patient we have been raising on average one to three fish a day. Most of these fish have been sailfish with the occasional stripe marlin or blue marlin showing up. We have been fly casting yo them and if you have never done that I promise you your heart rate will go up. It’s so much fun. 

We continue to see schools of porpoise that are holding football sized tuna. These fish have been like yo yo’s.  They have been very up and down. One day the fishing for them is wide open and they are eating everything and the next they won’t touch a thing. Most of these fish have been between five and fifteen pounds with slightly bigger fish in the thirty pound range mixed in. 

This upcoming week the weather is forecast to give us some rain on a daily basis. We need the moisture and I look forward to it. I also look forward to being out on the water seeing what we can find. 

Until next time….I wish you all good fishing.