A mixed bag this week

Hello everyone,

This pas week we saw a little of everything. We continue to see Tuna offshore. The schools are associated with porpoise and were a little picky this past week. One day they would bite and the next day they wouldn’t. They have been offshore anywhere from 12 to 35 miles.

Mixed in with the tuna have been some marlin. They have been biting fairly well with one to five fish a day for the boats looking for them. We were able to catch a couple marlin this week and we were not targeting them specifically.

Along the beach it has been very tough this past week. we spent some time on the beach this week and it was very slow. We saw very fee fish and the ones we did see were to far out to get a cast to. On a positive note there were some very big roosters caught this week in the deep water slow trolling live bait. Hopefully those fish will come into the shallows this week giving those on the beach more opportunity.

We will be out there again this week and will report how we do Until next time we wish everyone good fishing.