A Welcomed Breeze & Nice Jacks

May 6th-May 12th 2007

Steve’s Jack off the Beach.High-light of the Week: Steve’s Jack off the beach

Weather: This past week the weather was fantastic. We had mornings that were warm and very calm giving us very flat sea conditions starting out each day. Most of this week as the fishing day progressed we saw a slight breeze from the south giving us a slight chop on the water. This breeze was welcomed by all as it was very refreshing. We did not see much in the way of cloud cover this past week giving us plenty of sun.

Air temperatures: Low 65 High 89

Water temperatures: Low 66 High 77

Beach Fishing Report: This past week the beach fishing was good thru out the week. This past week we have seen an increase in mullet along the beach but we have also seen a decrease in the sardines. This increase in mullet has brought some very nice jacks and roosters closer to shore. If you are willing to spend the time and get out their and walk some of the beaches you will get some good shots. My guest Steve Landy and I have spent the last two days out on the beach and Steve got a very big jack yesterday. This fish was about forty pounds. Steve and I spent all afternoon today turning some very nice roosterfish and hooking another big jack that came off the hook after a short fight.

Inshore Fishing Report: This past week the inshore fishing was excellent. My guests Gerry and Kitty Wiemelt from Arizona and I spent three days fishing inshore from a panga and found lot’s of great fishing. On the first day out we found a school of very big ladyfish that were willing to give a tug on the line. Gerry and Kitty were hooting and hollering as they had ladyfish ripping fly line off their reels as soon as their flies hit the water. On the second day of fishing we found a school of nice jacks that were willing to play. Gerry landed a few very nice jacks and Kitty had a few on but was having a hard time getting thru the ladyfish that also showed up. As we were fishing kitty had something take her fly and she was into the backing before she could blink. We all thought it was a nice big jack but after a great fight of about twenty minutes it turned out to be a very nice twelve pound Barred Pargo. On the third day we found a nice big school of medium sized rooster fish that were willing to eat flies. Gerry and Kitty caught not only their first rooster fish but many others as well. Between the two of them we were able to catch and release thirteen rooster fish. Gerry and Kitty had a great trip. They are already talking about coming back this August.

Offshore Fishing Report: This past week the action for the yellow fin tuna was halted by a couple of commercial tuna boats that were in the area. After they were run off by the Mexican government the fishing for the tuna picked back up late in the week. Fishing for marlin continues to be very good with a good number of fish in the area. We also have quite a few sail fish in the area as well. The fishing for dorado is spotty but we have seen a few nice fish and if you are lucky you might find something in the water giving the dorado some cover. One boat this week found a piece of plywood. They were able to get fifteen or so dorado from under it and a couple of those fish were over forty pounds.