Despite weather Az. Fly Fishing trip is good

On Thursday August 16th my group from Arizona Fly Fishing located in Tempe Arizona headed up by John Rohmer with eight others in tow arrived here in Baja to fish with me for three days. The group had a very good day their first day (the 17th) with everyone in the group catching pleanty of small to medium Rooster fish and a few Tuna and Bonita to round out the day. On day two we woke up to some big swells and a south wind that gave us some white caps. Although the fishing was not what it was the first day because of the weather everyone in the group caught fish. Once again Rooster fish and Tuna were the focus of the group. The last day the group encountered less wind but some early morning rain and some big swells. Some with in the group debated on if they wanted to fish or not but with in ten munites or so we were in the pangas headed out to fish rain and all. Early in the morning the group got into a very good tuna bite and was back at the hotel by noon. I would like to say thank you to all involved with this group it was my pleasure to have you and I look forward to seeing you next year.