As mid December approaches fishing remains good

Hi everyone,

As we approach mid December fishing remains good. We continue to see fish on both the East Cape side as well as the Pacific side. 

On the East Cape side it’s all about the wind. This is the windy season and this past week we saw plenty of wind. The port was closed for a couple days due to the wind.  The days it was open anglers caught a few dorado and marlin. We are also starting to see good numbers of Sierra giving anglers action. 

There were a few afternoons that the wind was tolerable and I spent a little time on the beach with my son.  We say a few small bait schools getting chased by some small rooster fish. He was able to get one on his spinning rod. It was not a big fish but a five pounder on a spinning rod is always fun especially for a ten year old. Even though this is not the best time of year for the beach you just never know. 

On the Pacific side we are still seeing very good action in the mangroves in Magdalena Bay with some amazing action for large snook. We are also seeing good action for grouper and corvina. We have also seen some very nice trigger fish.

A nice fly caught trigger fish in Magdalena Bay @thereelbaja

Further South on the Pacific side out of Cabo we are seeing a few rooster fish along the shore as well as some jacks. There are a few Sierra starting to show but it’s still slightly early for them. 

A fly caught Sierra while fishing with @thereelbaja

Offshore out of Cabo the blue water fly fishing for marlin and dorado remain good. There are still dorado scattered from the lighthouse up the coat.  Further offshore the golden gate bank and especially the finger bank continue to fish extremely well for marlin and dorado. There have been a few tuna outside as well. 

Feeding stripe marlin in Magdalena Bay @thereelbaja

I have some guests in Cabo this week. We are going to spend a couple days on the finger bank if the wind allows as well as fish inshore a day or two. I will be sure to report how we do. 

Until next time we wish everyone good fishing and a great holiday season.