Baja Fly Fishing Adventures: Beaches are Seeing Fish and Billfish are On The Bite.

Jeff deBrown


Air temp

Low: 62
High: 81

Week of October 28th

weatehr oct 27

Hi Everyone,

Over the last week we did have some north wind but most days have been beautiful. Tuesday however was a bit overcast from the hurricane outside of us, but we have seen some pretty good fishing overall. The beaches have some jacks and medium sized roosterfish and hopefully it will continue for a few more days. The billfish bite is the top bite on the East Cape at the moment when it comes to consistency. Dorado are scattered throughout the area as well and the ones we did catch averaged around 15-30lbs


Cabo has some great billfish action at the moment as well. Over the last week boats have been coming back with several flags daily.

flies oct 27

The weather is looking pretty good over the weekend and we will have a new report up shortly especially to let everyone know how the beaches are doing.
Tight lines,