Baja Mexico fishing report

Hi folks,

As August closes out the fishing has slowed down a little bit. We continue to see pleasant mornings with over night lows in the upper 70’s and dat time highs right around 90 degrees. Most afternoons we are seeing rain in the area. It’s that rime if year when we get afternoon rain showers in the mountains mostly but this past week they have made it to town more often then not. This next week looks like more of the same with more moisture in for forecast.

On the fishing front fishing remains overall fair. We continue to see some Tuna in rincone that continue to be finicky. This past week they were eating both dead and live sardines. The sardines had to be fished deep as on the surface and the first few feet of the water column is inundated with needle fish and it was Impossible to get past them without a weight on the conventional rods or a fast sinking fly line if fly fishing.

We also continue to see some tuna offshore with the porpoise. Most of these schools have been between 15 and 25 miles offshore. The tuna have been mostly football size with a few larger fish to 30 pounds mixed in. They have been eating a variety of lures as well as flies.

The dorado fishing remains decent for the larger bull dorado that have been in the area the last several weeks. These fish are taking trolled lures and are mostly just single big fish. We have not seen these bigger fish running in schools. These bigger dorado have been most active further offshore with anglers trolling for marlin finding them spread out over the fishing grounds. I did hear of a few schools of smaller dorado being found closer to shore one or two days last week but they have not been consistent

Billfish remain hit and miss. We have some here but they have been very on and off this past week We are seeing more marlin closer to shore and more sail fish a little further out.

This past week along the beach was difficult. We had a group on the beach and the first day we had some action as we encountered a few rooster fish. The next three days we had cloudy skies and could not see anything. On the last day we had good conditions but did not see the bait nor the rooster fish we had seen just a couple days before.

overall things are fair as far as the fishing goes. Late August and September usually always seem to slow down. We are entering our time of year when we get the most moisture and if a hurricane will be of any concern to us it will be within the next month or so. I expect the fishing to remain fair to good over the next couple weeks but as we get closer to October things will pick up and we will start to see some very good fishing again. It always seems to dip just a little this time of year.