Baja Mexico Fly Fishing: Closing out May with successful fly fishing

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for May 27, 2009

The Reel Baja


Water temp.  76 – 79 (great swimming temps!)
Air temp. 58 – 91

Jeff and I feel guilty.
No post for almost three weeks!
Although, I am positive that you as fishermen, will be glad that 1. we’ve been out pounding the waters, and 2. we got some stellar photos from great photographers below. I have one more day of fishing left to do here on the East Cape before Justin and I start driving north to begin our guiding season in Alaska on the Naknek River.  I am having an extremely hard time trying to stay positive about leaving paradise and roosterfish behind for cold weather, rain, and trout.  Baja has been so much fun jam packed full of incredible fishing experiences, great new friends, and fantastic food.  I don’t think I could ever get too much of tacos or guacamole.

Fishing has been going nonstop since the last report; The Reel Baja has been at it every day and getting clients into fish inshore and off the beach.  Despite the colder water that moved in earlier last week and turned the madness down a notch, we still managed to find roosterfish willing to be players.  Once the water warmed up mid week and the skies cleared, we started having great beach days again as well.

The Moldy Chum group trip fished with us for the last five days.  Everyone on the trip got at least one Roosterfish and a few had Jack Crevalle to the hand as well.  We had clear skies and lots of fish moving through the East Cape.  Although they were not in schools as much, we could still manage to bring them to our feet both in the pangas and off the beach.  Incredible photography by Aaron Otto from that trip can be viewed here:
Eric Rathbun casting to a rooster

 Eric Rathbun from Moldy Chum casting to a roosterfish

We were also fortunate to have Tailwaters Fly Shop join us for six fishing days. With some tougher conditions, such as water temperature, cloudy skies, and picky fish, these guys worked hard for everything they got.  No fish came easy, but they put their skills to the test and did manage to hit up a Dorado inshore and quite a few roosterfish.  Their resident website and photographer dude, Matt Jones snapped some great photos, check them out here.

Matt Jones taking a shot of Justin and his grande rooster

Matt Jones taking photos of Justin’s grande roosterfish

I on the other hand, cruised beaches with my buddy in between hosting the Moldy Chum trip.  Despite the tougher conditions, we managed to double up on fish from the beach:
My big Jack

 k8 with a large fly caught Jack Crevalle

I also took a Marlin trip offshore with my neighbor Jim, resulting in lots of porpoise sightings and two Marlin misses.  Should have been there the day before, as the Marlin turned on for a few days then shut off again.  Apparently we got lots of squid feeding themselves to the Marlin and the porpoises.

porpoises swimming with the boat

So until next spring when we are back here pounding the sand and bugging Jeff, you can keep up with us at the Rogue Angels, and stay tuned for the upcoming hot roosterfishing reports.  Something tells me things are about to heat up around here.