Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Encounters: Marlin Are On Fire.

Written by

Jeff deBrown

Water temp.
81 โ€“ 83 Offshore.

Air temp.
Low โ€“ 70
High โ€“ 91

Hi folks,

This last week we had a very productive week for both dorado and marlin. ย Tropical storm Paul is offshore at the moment, and it will bring some rain over the next few days. The wind did pick up from the North on Friday and has blown strongly through Sunday, stirring up the water and making conditions a bit more difficult, but it will clear up in the next few days.

Last week we had some fantastic marlin and sailfish angling, but this week, the marlin fishing has been even better. We are seeing the most marlin aroundย La Ribera and Punta Colorado.

Dorado: The dorado bite has been really consistant this month. Last week, we did see some smaller schooling dorado, but this week, we found bigger dorado and fewer schooling dorado.

Magdalena Bay is fishing really well right now and will be our primary focus this winter. If you are considering fishing with us this winter for marlin, wahoo and many other game fish, please contact us and check available dates.

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Tight lines.