Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Encounters: The Fishing Is Off The Hook!

Jeff deBrown

Air temp

Low: 76
High: 92

September 22

Hi Everyone,

We had an incredible weekend on the water with clients and the fishing is nothing short of amazing. The dorado bit stills remains the top bite, however the bonito and tuna fishing is equally as good. On Saturday we had a short day on the water as my clients had to leave early…However, we caught and landed 16 dorado before 11:30am and were back in before noon. Bonito are averaging between 10-20lbs and the boiling action around the boat has been very exciting.

October 6

As we head into October we are entering one of the best months in the East Cape as far as the offshore game goes. The storms are done and the fishing offshore is pretty wide open… Dorado, bonito, tuna and marlin are all around and very willing to play ball.

October 3

We are back out on the water Monday and several days this week. If anyone has questions about October, or you would like to check on available dates, please email, or give us a call and we will be happy to assist you. Look for a fresh report on Wednesday and I will have a new set of photos client photos up.

October 5

October 4

october 1

October 7

October 2

Tight lines,