Baja Mexico fly fishing report – February ends with the arrivial of yellow tail

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for February 26th 2009

Written by – Jeff deBrown
The Reel Baja


Hello everyone,

Well it has been a while since my last post.  I have been in the states the last couple of weeks and just returned home to Baja yesterday.  I took my family on a vacation and our schedule was crazy.  My wife and son had never seen the snow as they are natives of Baja so it was fun to take them up to the mountains of Arizona during a snow storm and watch them as they experienced snow for the first time.  For me I am glad to be home and back in warm temperatures.  Speaking of warm temperatures the weather here in Baja has been outstanding.  We have had very warm temperatures the past couple of days with the day time highs in the high eighties and even into the low nineties.  Over night lows have been in the high sixties.  As far as the wind we had a lot of wind over the past week or so according some of the people I spoke with when I got home.  Yesterday was beautiful with flay calm seas but today the wind is back.

The fishing remains good over all for the end of February.  The buzz right now is that the yellow tail have shown up in the area in good numbers and some of them are very good size.  The main school has been located off the beach about a quarter of a mile off of Rancho Leonero.  We have other schools that are scattered between La Ribera and Palmas de Cortez as well.

Besides the yellow tail we still have plenty of Sierra along the beaches and inshore as well as a few jacks and small rooster fish mixed in at times.  The lady fish are here in good numbers off of Punta Pescadero with the bite fro them being early in the morning.  We also continue to see a decent bite for dorado off of Punta pescadero between two and four miles out.

I will be headed to Cabo on Saturday to fish with some of my guests staying over on the pacific side.  I will be sure to let everyone know how we do.  Until then I wish everyone good fishing.