Baja Mexico fly fishing report – North winds back off – fishing picks up

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for January 28th 2009

Written by – Jeff deBrown
The Reel Baja


A nice rooster fish

Sierra any one?

Sierra teethThe above photo’s are of Tom Greene (top) and Jim Baker form Dayton Ohio showing off just a couple of the fish they caught with me in Cabo San Lucas this past week.  Tom is proudly displaying a nice fly caught rooster fish and Jim is holding one of the many sierra that they hooked into.  As you can see don’t forget the wire when fishing for sierra.

Weather – This past week here on the East cape we saw some very nice and windless days.  We had two days of flat calm seas and then a blow for a day and then we were back to flat seas but the last couple of days the wind is once again blowing from the North.  Our temperatures have been very nice with our day time high’s in the mid to upper seventies and our over night low’s in the low to mid sixties.  This past week we had mostly sunny skies with just one over cast day.

Beach – Fishing from the beach this past week was very productive on the mornings that were calm.  We have very high numbers of sierra along most of the beaches from Punta Arena to Cardonal.  The best bite has been very early in the morning and just at sunset but the bite can be steady throughout the day if the winds allow you to stay on the water.  Flies with a lot of flash seem to work best.  Remember that sierra will hit a fly on the fall so if you are not getting bites on your retrieve try a retrieve of a few fast strips and then stopping the fly and letting it fall for a count of three and then start your strips again repeating the process all the way to shore.  Don’t be surprised if you get most of your strikes as the fly is falling.

Inshore – If you can get in a boat and fish close to the shore the sierra are very accessible.  The tin boat fleet was out early in the mornings on the calm days we had this past week and they did very well.  Most of them are fishing with missiles or gotchas.  These lures are a small lure filled with led and have an angled head so they have great motion under water when retrieved.  These lures are also very shiny and really attract the sierra.  We also have some small rooster fish and jacks in the area as well.

Offshore – The offshore fishing this past week was very good for it being late January.  On the clam days the boats that went out did well catching a good number of dorado and a few marlin.  Most of the dorado were found fairly close to shore with the marlin a little further out.  I know of one boat yesterday fishing out of hotel Palmas de Cortez that had three anglers aboard and returned with a limit of dorado.

Cabo – As I said in my last report I was going back over to Cabo San Lucas to fish with Jim and Tom for a couple of days this past week and I would let everyone know how we did.  Well we did great. We found all the big sierra you could ask for.  We also caught quite a few very nice rooster fish.  We did not catch any pargo this time but we did catch a few nice jack crevelle.  I will once again be spending a good part of this week over in Cabo guiding other guests.  I will once again let everyone know how we do.  Until next week I hope you all have good fishing wherever you may be.