Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report: Rooster Fish Starting To Arrive

Written by
Jeff deBrown

Water temp.
70 Inshore
72 Offshore

Air temp.
Low – 60
High – 83

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report postedon March 29th 2012.

Hi folks,

Things here in the East Cape are starting to heat up. We have seen less wind this past week giving us excellent fishing conditions. Our day time temps. have bee perfect. Our average high’s are in the mid 80’s and over night low’s right around 60 degreese. We’ve had lot’s of sunshine and just a few scatterd colouds on most days.

On the fishing front things are starting to gel. Here in the East Cape we have had some pretty decent fishing from the beach for some very nice Rooster fish. Don’t get me wrong it is not in “full swing” but there are enought fish starting to show that it is getting fun. I was out with my buddy Stacy Corbin and he caught a nice fish of about 40# two days ago. We were out the next day and did not see a fish after having a number of good shot’s the day before. This time of year the fish tend to move quite a bit. Once the spawn starts and the bait arrives we should start to see more consistent action for Rooster fish.

Along with the Rooster fish we have had a good number of Jack’s here on the East Cape as well. Most of these fish are schooling in big groups and actively spawning. If you find the right group you will have a few break away and chase your fly. It has been a “one shot” deal lately with the jacks. The first cast is the one they are going to look at and after that they have no intrest so make the first one count.

Offshore here in the East Cape we are seing some excellent fishng for yellow tail. Most of these fish have been caught on bigger baits like mackerel fished deep. I know of a few sardina in the area that the bait pangas are getting but they are charging a premium for them due to the lack of them. If you are willing to pay the price (about double) you have a chance to chum up some very nice yellow tail in the 30 – 40 pound class and throw flies to them.

We also have a pretty good showing of marlin in the waters just off the light house. most of the boats are averageing around 3 fish a day with chances for more. The fish have been striking the trolle jigs so this is a good time to perofme a “bait and swith” and throw flies to these awesome fish.

The current report out of Cabo San Lucas remains about the same. They continue to see good action inshore for Sierra, yellow tail and a few Roosters. I have not been on that side for a week or so but I have a trip out of Cabo San Lucas in a couple of days so I will be sure to give the up to date scoop after my trip.

I am fishing here in the East Cape with clients starting tomorrow. We will be on the beach as well as out of boats. I will give the latest report on Monday.

Until next time….Keep fly fishing!