Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report: Where Are The Sardines??

Written by
Jeff deBrown

Water temp.
Inshore – 76
Offshore – 79

Air temp.
Low – 69
High – 90

Hi everyone,

It has been a little bit since I did my last report.  I apologize for the delay in reporting but it has been very busy for me lately.  Things here are heating up.  The weather has been beautiful with flat calm seas in the mornings with a light to moderate breeze in the afternoon from the East, Southeast.  The water temperatures have been warming nicely both inshore and off shore.  With this water warming we normally see the influx of bait in the area.  So far this year we have seen good populations of mullet, ballyhoo, half beaks, and small flying fish.  What we have not seen is the arrival of the sardines.   The sardines are a big key to the fly fishing in our area.  They provide us with the chum we need off the boats as well as bringing fish close to the beach.

The sardines we are currently getting have to come from either way up North or from an area far South.  The bait has not hit our area yet.  Even with the lack of sardines in the area we still have fish in our waters.  They are just keying in on different types of bait.

Inshore and off the beach we have a fair number of rooster fish as well as jacks.  The fish have been quite picky this past week with a lot of fish looking at the flies we are throwing and not eating them.  They are getting a lot of attention because we have a lot of anglers on the beaches right now hitting them with all kinds of gear.  This gear ranges from conventional top water lures, to flies, to spoons, and even some things I have never seen.

The fish are not responding well due to pressure and the lack of sardines is a factor as well.  It is not impossible to catch fish but you must work at it a little harder than normal.

Offshore the fishing has been very good for marlin.  Each boat is getting between two and six hook up’s a day.  We also have had a few sailfish mixed in.  The bite for bonita has been very good for the anglers who have sardines and are willing to use them on these little bullets.  The dorado are starting to show up with the odd nice fish being caught by the anglers looking for marlin.

This next week will tell us a lot about what is to come.  If we do not see the sardines in any great number it could be tough for the next couple of weeks until they arrive.  If the bait comes into the area this next week. We are in for some fantastic fishing.

I will be on the water everyday this week.  I will be sure to report to you how things are shapeing up.

Until next time…Keep fly fishing!