Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report – Who Keeps Playing With The Switch!

Hello everyone,

This past couple of weeks here in Baja has been very interesting. It’s as if someone is playing with the switch. It’s not only the fishing that has been off and on but the weather as well.

This past week I had a group of guys that come so see me annually from Denver Colorado. They were happy to be here as it was snowing where they were from but for me it was a little chilly in the mornings here in Baja. We saw some cool mornings that started out in the low 60’s with a slight wind and overcast skies. Our day time highs early in the week averaged in the mid 80’s with a couple days mid week becoming fairly overcast and breezy making it feel cooler. By the end of the week we still had some cool temperatures in the early morning hours but with the lack of clouds it warmed up nicely.

The fishing has been either off or on. I do not know who is controlling the switch but I wish they would just leave it on. Β For us this week we had a roller coaster of a week. One day we would find nothing and the next we would find great action. I know they say well “it’s fishing and you never know” but it was very frustrating to have days that were so opposite of each other. We went out one day and caught skip jack as well as a few roosters and even a pompano and had lots of other fish around the boat. The very next day doing the exact same thing it was a ghost town. It was not as if we were seeing a few fish here and there and we couldn’t get them. It was like a barren wasteland. Not only for us but for everyone. The next day it was back on and in a big way. This cycle continued all week. It was fun listening to the group at breakfast betting if it would be on or off that day.

When the fishing was on we found some good action for roosterfish, small jacks (with a few big boys mixed in) as well as some yellowfin tuna and Bonita a long ride to the south. The marlin bite that was so good a couple weeks ago has seemed to have died. It will pick back up as soon as the switch is flipped again.

Over all there are fish here and willing to participate. Someone just needs to leave the switch alone.

Until ill next time…….Get out and go fishing!