Baja Mexico Fly Fishing:Daytime Temperatures Get Hot Fishing Cools Slightly

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for July 21st 2009
Written By
Jeff deBrown


Water temp.  74 – 84
Air temp. 85 – 99

Hi folks,

This past week the weather has really started to heat up with temperatures on land in the high 90’s and even over 100 on some days.  We saw a day this past week where it was 104 in Los Barillies.  Over night low’s have been around the mid 80’s.  As I write this it is a little after 10 p.m. and it is still 91 degreese outside.  There were a couple of days  early in the week that a weather system brought us some clouds but those clouds did not give us any break from the heat.

The water this past week was fairly flat with very calm seas on most days.  We did see one or two days of wind in the afternoon from the Southeast giving us a few swells and some white caps.  This breeze was welcomed by most as it helped us feel as if the air temperature was slightly cooler. 

On the fishing front things have slowed down a little bit.  The fishing from the beach continues to be productive for the fly anglers as we have good numbers of rooster fish and jacks around.  We also have other species that we are catching off the beach and they include lady fish, pompano, look downs, and a few snapper.  

Inshore has become tough as we have had a problem getting good sardina.  We have plenty of sardina the only problem is that they are all very small with most of them between a half an inch and an inch long.  This makes for good chum and the fish are responding to it but with such small bait it is making it very tough for us to use the bait in a manner that is helpful for flyfishing. The bait is so small you have to use more of it to get a response from the fish and in turn you “feed” the fish more than normal.  We still have good action for rooster fish and a few other species inshore but it is tough. 

Off shore we continue to see fair numbers of dorado and marlin with the tuna making an appearance every couple of days.  Most of the tuna continue to be footballs.  I went out with my guest Aaron Otto looking for tuna and we found a very large school about thirty three miles from the hotel.  We had great action for a good solid three hours and these fish were not with porpoise and could be chummed to the surface and cast to.  We landed many football tuna with the occasional bonita mixed in.  Speaking of bonita we have some very nice fish just off the hotel putting a good bend in rods.  These fish have been between ten and fifteen pounds giving anglers a very good fight when hooked.

I will be on the water each day this week as I have a big group of anglers here for most of the week.  We will be spending time on both the beach and from boats so I will let you all know the latest fishing conditions in a few days.  Until then, get out and go fishing.