Dorado to the North provide action

Hello everyone,

As July kicks off things here are heating up. We had the first hurricane of the year pass by us. It stayed well offshore but did provide a couple days of very hot and muggy weather as it entered the area and as it passed it brought a day or two of strong winds and even a little rain to the area. It was a welcome site to see a little moisture.

The weather is typical for this time of year with high temperatures in the low 90โ€™s and lowโ€™s in the mid to upper 70โ€™s with about 60% humidity daily. We are starting to see the typical later afternoon rain showers in the mountains. They rarely reach town but when they do they are a nice break from the heat.

The offshore fishing has been good. In the area of Los Barriles we have seen scattered dorado along with good fishing for marlin. The tuna schools that were very active a couple weeks ago are still here but have moved further off shore making the run over fifty miles at times. They didnโ€™t bite very well this past week. Most of the boats that found them only got a few. The action for tuna was definitely slower this past week. Iโ€™m sure it will pick back up after we pass this full moon.

If you were looking for dorado and marlin then you were in luck. We have had scattered dorado in the area of Los Barriles providing some good action. A lot of the dorado have been larger males up to fifty pounds. If your looking for numbers of dorado then you needed to head North.

I heard about some spectacular action for dorado to our North so I took my son and a friend to go check it out. We jumped in the car and headed North towards La Paz. We jumped on a boat in search of the action. It was not long until we found action. We pulled up to the first buoy, and threw a little bait that we had caught on the way out. The dorado came to life. They were very active and we got a couple hook ups right away. As more boats arrived the fish got smart and weโ€™re not as willing to bite so we left in search of another spot. After checking a few we finally found what I had heard about. It was incredible. This school kept us busy for the rest of the day. My son was able to cast to, hook, and land his first fish on a fly rod. He was having a blast catching them on fly as well as top water with a spinning rod. It was a great day.

I did fish the beach a couple days this past week and there are some roosters and jacks along them. Some of the bigger fish are starting to show signs of spawning activity and are not willing to eat but you still always try. Most of the bigger fish would follow the fly out of curiosity but never get real aggressive. We did manage to get a couple this week so that was fun.

We will continue to be out on the water this week. Please check back next week to see what we encountered. Until then we wish everyone great fishing.