East Cape- Fishing is On Point!

Jeff deBrown


Week of September 5th

The storm that hit last week is long gone with no new storms on the horizon.  On the east cape side, the town is up and running with all facilities open as well as all hotels. Everything is normal here in the east cape.  Cabo got hit hard and is still cleaning up but doing well overall. Even though Cabo is in full clean up mode that does not mean it’s No reason not to come. The fishing on the east cape is fantastic!

The beach fishing is so, so and hit or miss at the moment. It all depends on where you are overall and if you put in some time you will find some fish off the beach. Water clarity is getting better daily. The best spots to hit now are where the arroyos are running into the beaches. There is lots of bait and fishing is great but the water is off color, so it’s all blind fishing. We are catching all kinds of species including jacks, roosters, small Bonita, snapper and needle fish. All great fun on light rods.

LOT’S OF SARDINES AROUND!! Great bait for inshore and off shore expeditions which are all producing incredible fishing. Offshore the Dorado fishing is awesome!!  Lots of fish in and around the debris from the storm. Also, lots of tuna and skip jack out there in the mix. All perfect fly rod size and tons of fun. If anyone has any interest in coming down to get into so great fishing I would recommend coming down ASAP. The fishing is extremely solid and we have some dates available for guiding. Things in Mag Bay are heating up!! Fishing there this year is going to be awesome as the water cools down and our season starts in early November in Mag Bay. I still have a few dates open for Mag Bay so let me know if there are any questions I can answer.

Tight lines,