Everything was in the mix this past week

Hi everyone,

This past week we had some great fishing. We had great action in all areas from inshore to offshore as well as the beach.

The highlight this past week was the spectacular fishing for marlin. The fish were close to shore and being found anywhere from one to five miles out with the sweet spot being between two and three miles out.

Fly caught Marlin in Baja with The Reel Baja

The bite was in the area from the light house to La Ribera with some fish being caught a little further to the South. These fish were hot and ready to take the fly. Most of the marlin were in the small to medium category with fish ranging from 60 to 100 pounds on average and were perfect for fly fishing.

Further off shore the tuna were in full swing. most of them were associated with porpoise with the occasional tuna being found well outside the dolphin. Most of the tuna were footballs in the eight to fifteen pound class with the occasional fish of thirty or forty pounds being mixed in.

Tuna on the fly.

If it was dorado you were after there were plenty of them as well. Most of them were off shore around the buoys. They were mixed in size but if you found the right area there were some very large dorado. Some of them were sixty plus pounds. It is great to see so many big bulls in our waters this year as the past couple of years we have not seen them in these numbers.

We also had a fun couple of mornings dropping jigs on the banks for snapper, amber jack, as well as bonita and anything else that wanted to bite our jigs. We had a couple great mornings with lots of action. There were dun mornings as we waited for the marlin bite to start.

Great Amber Jack on light tackle while fishing with The Reel Baja located in Baja Mexico

A little closer to shore and along the beach we has some very good action for rooster fish. We have had some big fish located in the deep water around the light house that have been taking baits. These fish have been deep in the mornings but coming up in the afternoons chasing bait on the top as well as swimming in close to the beach as the wind picks up in the afternoons giving fly fishing anglers posted on the beach a shot at catching a good rooster fish.

This next week is shaping up to be another great week of fishing. The weather forecast is calling for clear and sunny days with high temperatures in the low 90’s and just a slight breeze most afternoons giving us great fishing conditions. We will be out on both the boat as well as the beach so please check back with us to see how we do. Until next time we wish everyone great fishing.