Excellent fly fishing in Magdalena Bay continues

Hi folks,

The excellent fly fishing continues in Magdalena Bay. We have been here since the end of September and will be here through December.

November is one of the best months to fly fish in Magdalena Bay. The weather is usually very nice and the fishing can be outstanding. This past week we had some excellent weather along with some outstanding fly fishing.

This past week we had guests at both our camps. We had amazing action for dorado and tuna on the banks that are accessible from our home base in Lopez Mateos. The dorado were plentiful with large schools swimming around the boat daily giving us plenty of casting opportunities and some amazing action. The dorado were in the twelve to fifteen pound range with fish being caught up to thirty pounds.

If we were not into dorado then we were hooked up on yellowfin tuna. There continue to be good numbers of yellowfin tuna in the area. The tuna we caught this week were perfect fly rod size. They were all between fifteen and thirty pounds. These fast swimming hard fighting fish tested our 12wt rods daily. We did hook a larger tuna on a 10wt rod. Unfortunately it was too much for the rod to handle and we broke the rod landing this larger tuna.

The marlin bite continues to be off and on. We spent a few days fishing the Southern most marlin grounds this past week. We continue to encounter marlin in this area but they continue to be wide spread. This week we did not experience the heavy concentrations of marlin that Magdalena Bay is known for this time of year. We caught marlin this past week but as I mentioned they were spread out over a large area so finding them each day was somewhat difficult at times. Once we located them we had success. I have been talking with some boats that I know have been fishing further south and closer to Cabo and they report masses of marlin on the finger bank. I think the majority of the migration has moved through the upper end of Magdalena Bay with the majority settling on the banks further to our South such as the finger bank. Only time will tell. These fish tend to slide up and down the ridge here in Magdalena bay. There are still enough stripe marlin in the Magdalena Bay area to keep things interesting. Will we see the return of the dense concentrations of marlin that we experienced earlier this year here in Magdalena Bay? Thatโ€™s the question. Only time will tell. I expect the fish that are down on the finger to remain there for the rest of the season as thatโ€™s normally where the Magdalena Bay migration ends up in Mid December. But I think there will be enough fish here in Magdalena Bay to give us some amazing action until we move to the Finger bank in Mid December.

In the mangroves we had some great fly fishing for grouper, rooster fish, orange mouth corvina, pompano, and some small snook. The action for these species kept our anglers very busy. We had one angler add eight new species to his list of catches on fly rod this week.

We will be back out there tomorrow and have multiple boats out each day this week. I will be sure to let you know how we do here in Magdalena Bay this coming week. Until next time we wish everyone great fishing.