Fly fishing Cabo update

Report by –
Jeff Debrown
The Reel Baja


Hello everyone,

I would like to give you all an up to the minute fishing report. I left the East Cape for Cabo on the 26th. When I arrived I went down to the marina and looked to see what flags the boats were flying and I noticed a lot of boats were flying Marlin flags. I also saw a few Tuna and even fewer Dorado flags but I could not get over the number of Marlin flags I saw. The next morning(yesterday the 27th) I met my guest Larry Petitte at the boat. We discussed what kind of fish he might want to chase and I mentioned all the Marlin that must be out their and he said with a laugh “no thanks I took the family out and fished conventional the day before yesterday and we got so many I could hardly lift my arms the next morning.” Larry and I decided to fish the inside and we found plenty of action for some Sierra as well as a few Bonita.

Today I met my next client Marty Butler who arrived yesterday from the East coat. I mentioned to Marty about the Sierra and Bonita I found yesterday with Larry and he said that he was not interested in “little fish” and asked if their was anything big we could go after.Γ‚ I got a huge smile on my face and asked Marty if he wanted to go out and chase some Marlin. Marty’s smile was all I needed.

Marty and I along with our captain Victor headed for the Golden Gate bank where Victor said was holding quite a few Marlin.Γ‚ We got a few miles below the bank and put the teasers in the water. Within fifteen minutes we had our first Marlin behind the teaser. The fish was up and down very fast and I did not get a chance to tease it in.The next two fish we had behind the teasers acted the same way up and down very quick. As we got to Golden Gate our luck changed. We had another fish pop up behind the teaser and this time it was so hot for the teaser it was not going anywhere. Marty put the fly in the right place and he was hooked up. The fish made a good run and with a jump and a head shake he was gone. Over the next few hours we were ether chasing tails that were surfing down swell or running from bird school to bird school that had feeding Marlin under them. At the end of the day Marty landed two nice Marlin and had another three eat the fly. The great thing Marty and I will be out their again tomorrow seeing if we can’t get a few more.

Over all the Marlin fishing here in Cabo at the moment is excellent. Most of the fish are located between the Golden Gate bank and El Arco. This area right now holds a very good number of Marlin.Γ‚ We did also see some Porpoise in the area as well and heard of a few decent yellow fin Tuna that were caught among them. I will be here for the next few days (until the 4th) and I will keep everyone informed of what I find.