Hurricane Norma delays fishing for a few days

Hi folks,

As a lot of you know in the East Cape we had hurricane Norma hit very hard this past weekend. It made landfall on Saturday giving us high winds along with torrential rains. Things are slowly getting back to normal but there is still no power in areas and lots of clean up to be finished. The port of Los Barriles is still closed to boats under 500 tons. This means the fishing boats are not allowed to go fishing as of yet.

Before the storm there were some dorado being caught. Most of the dorado being caught were deep and the boats were using chunks of squid deep in the water column with good results. This makes it hard for the fly fisherman unless you have a very heavy sink in line. There were some tuna being caught as well off of punta pescadero. We also had some decent action for rooster fish in the area of Palmas de Cortez hotel.

Once again this was before the storm so it will take some time to see how the fishing is once the boats are allowed back out.

We are currently here in Magdalena Bay. The storm did not impact Magdalena Bay nearly like the areas of Cabo San Lucas and the East Cape. We experienced some wind giving us heavy seas and a little bit of rain. There was no damage or flooding here in Magdalena Bay due to the storm.

Currently we are e experiencing high seas and quite a bit of wind. This is keeping us off the water for the next three or four days. The winds are forecast to calm on Friday. We plan to be back on the water Saturday morning.

Before this current wind we were experiencing great fishing. We had phenomenal action for Dorado and tuna. The Dorado have been widespread and very willing to cooperate. Most of the Dorado have been anywhere between 8 and 20 pounds with very large schools at each stop. The yellow fin tuna have been plentiful as well. Most of the tuna have been anywhere between 15 and 40 pounds giving us great action.

The action for Marlin here in Magdalena Bay has been spotty. We have not yet found the masses of marlin that Magdalena Bay is known for this time of year. Don’t get me wrong. We have marlin here currently but just not the incredible numbers that this area is know for in the fall. Most of the bait balls we are seeing are holding some marlin but the dorado have been so thick it’s been hard to get to them. The last report I got was the massive school of marlin was still to our South on the Finger bank. Hopefully with the storm they will start to move up to the grounds here in Magdalena Bay.

The truth is after a big hurricane moves through it always takes some time to see how and where the fish have settled. With no boats currently allowed to go out in the East Cape area and the winds here in Magdalena Bay keep ing us off the water we will just have to wait a couple more days to see where things have settled. As soon as we are back on the water and find out how fishing is we will be sure to let everyone know what we experience. Until then we wish everyone good fishing.