I’m happy to say I’m now cleared to fish

Hello everyone,

It has been a few weeks since my last report. I had to have a surgery and by strict doctors orders I could not fish for the last eight weeks.  That is the reason there has been no report the last few weeks for those of you who have been checking. I’m happy to say I am now cleared to fish and it’s nice to be back on the water. 

Last week I had the privilege of working with Under Armor fishing on a photo shoot.  It was a great week. We spent time shooting photos as well as fishing from both the beach as well as the boat. 

The days we spent on the beach we did not see much. We got some great photos but unfortunately no shots at fish. We looked hard the days we spent on the beach but just couldn’t find much in the way of bait and when there is no bait that makes it very difficult. 

We did however find some good fishing from the boats. Out if the boats the opportunity at quality dorado continues. We continue to see good numbers of dorado especially in the area of the light house. The dorado do extend further to the North all the way to Los Barriles but the majority in our area are concentrated to the Southern fishing grounds. 

Along with the dorado there have been days where the tuna fishing has been excellent. The tuna are in the area of rincone as well as South of the park down in the area of Megonos and  fadito. The tuna have ranged from 8 to 50 pounds. 

We also found some rooster fish while we were fishing out of the boat last week. We ran North for sardines and found a few on the way home. There are roosters scattered around the area of Cerralvo  island with a few in the waters just in front of Los Barriles as there has been good schools of bait in this area. 

I will be headed to the states at the end of this week to do a little trout fishing in Idaho.  I will be there for a couple weeks.  

Once I get home I’m headed straight to Magdalena Bay to kick off our Magdalena Bay season which will start on September 28th. 

The report I got today from my captain in Magdalena Bay is very encouraging and sounds like it’s shaping up to be a great year. He said there were lots and lots of dorado in the area as well as tuna. He said the wahoo are starting to show and that there are a few marlin showing but the report is they are still a little to the North but sliding to the South and should hopefully be in our area within a week or two. He also said the mangroves were as good as it gets currently with catches of Grouper, Snapper, a few Corvina and some small Snook. 

I will be in the Idaho back country for the next couple of weeks and will not have service so there will not be a report until we arrive in Magdalena Bay on September 28th to kick off our season there. I will be sure to post the latest conditions in Magdalena Bay as soon as I arrive. I’m looking forward to being there for the months of October, November, and December. If you have not experienced the fly fishing in Magdalena Bay during fall you need to. It’s some of the best fly fishing on the planet from October through December. Until next time we wish you great fishing.