It’s not only the weather that’s hot but the fly fishing as well

Hello everyone,

This past week we have seen the weather starting to turn from very warm to hot. It’s not only the weather that’s turned hot but the fly fishing as well.

This past week we continued to see some great fly fishing both offshore as well as inshore and off the beach. As we all know it’s fishing and some days are better than others but overall the fishing has been very good.

offshore we continue to see a wide open bite for yellowfin tuna. These tuna have been associated with porpoise schools. There have been different schools in different areas. We have had a couple schools to the North but most of the action has come from the schools that have been out to the East or Southeast from town.

The schools have been anywhere between 15 and 35 miles offshore on average. The tuna that we are seeing are between 10 and 40 pounds on average. There have been some larger ones hooked when fishing live bait.

There have been some dorado showing as well. They have been around the buoys as well as free swimming. The dorado have been good size giving the fly fishing anglers some good action.

We also continue to see a strong marlin bite. The marlin have been scattered but there was a pocket of them this past week between the light house and La Ribera that provided good action. They were about five miles offshore.

Inshore there have been some really big rooster fish in the area of the lighthouse. Unfortunately these fish have been in deep water and the boats trolling bait deep have been successful. We tried trolling bait on the surface to get one to the bait and switch with the fly but we were unsuccessful. The school did however come up and feed a couple times and we were able to get a few throwing light tackle and top water lures.

Along the beach however we have been seeing some decent activity for rooster fish. We are seeing good bait schools and the fish have been chasing them. The beach is a patience game and as long as you’re willing to hunt and wait, you may have a shot.

We will be fishing from both the beach as well as the boat this week. We will certainly report how we do. Until next time we wish everyone great fishing.