July closes with awesome dorado action

Hi everyone,

As we close out July we are experiencing some amazing dorado action. The weather is hot and humid with day time temperatures in the mid 90โ€™s with about 57% humidity. We had a little rain last week early one morning for a short period and it felt really nice. We have a little weather very far south of the peninsula and should not be a factor. Itโ€™s that time of year where we need to keep an eye out for those storms.

The fly fishing for dorado remains strong in the area of Los Barriles. They are scattered throughout the area. We have had action from Los Barriles to the light house. Most of the dorado have been smaller to medium size. There are a few big bulls in the mix but they have been a little further offshore.

The dorado bite that was so very hot to our Noth a couple of weeks ago continues. I took my son up there to have a father son day. It was wonderful to see him catching dorado on both the fly as well as some top water plugs. Man they sure do grow up fast! We pulled up to the first spot wondering if there were fish on this particular structure. One toss of some sardines and our question was answered. We had dorado all around the boat. We checked a few different spots and found fish at all of them. Itโ€™s great to see the dorado back after a couple seasons of not seeing them in good numbers.

If youโ€™re not looking for dorado there have been some marlin and some sailfish are starting to show. There were a few wahoo biting last week that provided action as well.

Along the beach we are still seeing some action for roosters and a few jacks. The fish have been most active on the windy days riding the waves in to take a look around and then back out to the deeper water. We have a decent population of bait along the shores currently so there is opportunity to get a good one if your patience. Our guests this week had a few shots each day at bigger fish but they didnโ€™t eat. We did find a few small roosters that were willing to provide us a little fun.

We also spent some time looking for roosters out of the boat this week as well. We had good action with multiple opportunities. We did get a nice fish landed. There are good roosters in the deep water currently as well.

As we head into August the weather will continue to get hot. Letโ€™s hope the fishing does as well. We wish everyone great fishing this week.