Late September fly fishing for Tuna and Dorado exceptional

Week of – September 16th – 22nd

Written By – Jeff deBrown Owner/Guide

Weather – This past week we have had wonderful weather. We have had clear skies and warm temperatures. The early morning seas have been flat and calm. The day time highs remain in the mid nineties and over night lows in the mid seventies. As tropical depression Ivo nears we have seen an increase in the humidity. It looks as if Ivo will not be a major factor for us. With good weather on the horizon the late September fly fishing for Tuna and Dorado that we have experienced this week should remain exceptional.

Beach fishing – We continue to see good action along the beaches for smaller Rooster fish, small Jack Crevalle, Lady Fish, and Pompano. We continue to see bait along our beaches and when you find the bait you will find the fish. I would recommend getting up early and try to get out on the beach at first light. This past week I have seen some great action during the early morning hours as I waited with my clients to get on board a boat and head out to the great off shore fishing we are experiencing.

Inshore fishing – Not many fishing inshore as everyone is headed outside looking for the exceptional fishing for Tuna and Dorado that has been in the area this past week.

Offshore fishing – Offshore fishing this week was exceptional for Tuna, Bonita, and Dorado. Most of this action took place form the lighthouse to La Ribera offshore between three and seven miles. My guests Tom Nunnally and his wife Pam had a great day with me on Friday. We started out with the tuna and throughout the morning we had Tuna and Bonita boiling everywhere around the boat. As Tom cast his fly into the boils he could not make more than half a dozen strips without a fish inhaling his fly and start his reel screaming taking him well into his backing. Tom was not the only one with his hands full as Pam was in the back of the boat with captain Ramon hooking one fish after another on light tackle using live bait. Once Tom and Pam said mercy from catching Tuna and Bonita we headed out to see if we could find some Dorado. It did not take long. Pam hooked the first one on live bait and Tom was ready to cast a fly to one of the dozen that followed Pam’s fish to the boat. When it was all said and done Tom and Pam went home with sore arms and big smiles on their faces.