Lots of good fly fishing in Baja this week

Hello everyone,

This past week we spent most of our time on the East Cape side but we did manage to sneak over to the Pacific side for a day. We had lots of good fly fishing in Baja this past week.

On the Pacific side we had good action for some Sierra but the surprise was that there were still a few dorado inshore chasing ballyhoo. There were not a lot of them but we managed to get a couple.

A fly caught dorado while fishing with @thereelbaja

Over on the East Cape side we are also continuing to see some dorado. Most of them are close to shore to about two miles out. They have been chasing Ballyhoo as well as flying fish.

The past couple of weeks on the East Cape the bite for yellowtail has been strong. This past week that bite was not nearly as strong. We managed to get one but the bite has definitely not what it was last week.

A yellowtail caught while fishing with @thereelbaja

The good news is the yellowtail bite to the North at Cerralvo island has picked up and been strong this past week. The fish are in the shallower water and are eating sardines so we have been targeting them with sinking lines and sardine patterns.

A black skip jack caught on fly while fishing with @thereelbaja

Along with the yellowtail to the North we have had some spectacular action for skip jack. They have been in large schools frothing on the surface. They have been eating very small shrimp.

The skip jack are full of these tiny shrimp. They are very opportunistic so if you cast a fly into the school you can do very well even though they are concentrated on a different bait. They are some of the strongest fish on a fly rod and just a blast to catch.

A fly caught rooster fish while fly fishing with @thereelbaja

The roosters are starting to show up. We had a couple excellent days fishing for them this past week. Most of the fish we found were smaller but they were healthy and happy. We saw a few bigger fish further offshore under birds but the school was moving very quickly and we never got a chance to fish them before they were gone. As the weeks go on the numbers roosters should increase giving us more opportunities.

A fly caught rooster fish with @reelbaja

We will be in Cabo as well as the East Cape once again this week. We will be sure to let everyone know how we do in each destination. Until then we wish everyone great fishing.