Mag Bay update


Report by –
Jeff deBrown

I want to give everyone a report from the first offshore trip that we did here in Mag Bay last week.Β  My guests Ron Guerra from Seattle, Wa. and Norm Buggel from New York, NY. found plenty of action.Β  We headed out early in the week and had seas that were pretty bumpy from the North wind that was on the Pacific side but as we started day two the winds had calmed and the marlin were everywhere.Β  Ron and Norm were hooked up to marlin for three straight days and then once again we had some wind and the marlin disappeared.Β  Ron and I fished inside the bay on Sunday and rod caught cabrilla, pargo, Bay Bass along with a variety of other species.Β  I will be starting my next trip here tomorrow and I will give everyone a report as soon as I get back in.