Magdalena Bay Mayhem

Hi folks,

We are currently in Magdalena bay running our fall operation. We will be here until sometime in December. 

The fishing currently is on fire. We have had outstanding catches both in the mangroves as well outside in the blue water. The mangroves have been fishing exceptionally well with catches of grouper, snook, snapper, orange mouth Corvina, pompano, triggerfish,bone fish and a few other species.  

On the outside we have had unbelievable action for dorado and marlin. The dorado schools have been very large with fish up to 30 pounds. 

The marlin are here and in a big way!  There is a school to the South that is providing amazing action. Boats are reporting getting over 100 bites a day when fishing live bait. We have had excellent action on the fly with an average of forty to fifty fish coming into the teasers a day. Pulse we are free casting into the bait balls as well and hooking marlin. 

marlin and billfish

If there is any place to be in the fall for some amazing salt water fly fishing it’s Magdalena Bay here in Baja. Come join us!

Until next time we wish everyone great fishing.