Offshore was the place to be this past week

Hi everyone,

This past week offshore was the place to be. We saw some amazing action as we had a dead whale in the area and if you were fishing around it the action was amazing. There were lots of dorado and tuna around the carcass providing anglers some incredible fishing. The whale was found to the south and over about a four day period was reachable by anglers leaving from Los Barriles. The current was strong and running to the North and the whale was drifting North at a rate of about fifteen to twenty miles a day. After about four days it was to far for the boats to get to.

For those that were not fishing the whale there were some good porpoise schools holding tuna. We had three or four different porpoise schools. There were a couple to the North and a couple to the South. Most of them were located between twenty five and thirty miles out but on one day there was a school located close only twelve miles out. Most of the tuna in these schools were between ten and twenty pounds with a few fish being over forty pounds.

We also saw a good marlin bite just outside the banks in La Ribera. The marlin were in good numbers and were caught on both lures as well as ballyhoo. There are marlin scattered throughout the area but the area between Cabo Pulmo and La Ribera was where most of the action for marlin seemed to be.

Inshore the fishing this week as a little tougher. The bait continues to be North at the island. We spent a couple days up there fishing for roosters. The rooster fish are getting lots of pressure and are very wise. We experienced they were not as willing to even take the live bait at times. They would look at it and just not take it as if they were full and just not hungry. With as many boats fishing for them and everyone throwing sardines to them they are definitely fat and happy. There is still action for them but you need to work a little harder for them.

Along the beaches we are seeing good mullet schools but not many roosters on them this past week. The water inshore seemed to cool off a bit and this could be a factor. There are a few fish along the beaches but I have not seen the numbers that we normally expect to see at the end of May. We will definitely keep hunting for them though.

We will have a group here this week from Arizona. We will have anglers on both the beach as well as in the boats daily. We will be sure to report here what we find this week. Until then we wish everyone good fishing.