Spring is here and the fish know it


Hello folks,

Things here in Baja are starting to get pretty interesting.  We had a little weather that made fishing slightly difficult but really was not a factor for what we currently have going on.

This past week we had multiple days of overcast skies and some winds.  The winds were fairly calm in the mornings but by the afternoon they were making things difficult.  We saw winds form the North and it’s unusual to have them this late but we still are in the spring season so we could see them here and there but I feel they are over.

The fish know it’s spring as well.  Along the beach we are not seeing a ton of fish because they are out in the deeper water and starting to show signs of spawning.  This past week we had very good fly fishing for roosterfish and jacks with a few Sierra mixed in but everything we found was outside slightly in the deeper water.  We found single fish as well as groups.  When these fish start to group up this time of year they can get very finicky because they are starting to think about other things.  We experienced that this past week.  We found that one pack would charge hard to our offerings where the next would just follow lazily or not show any interest at all.  Some wouldn’t  even spook when something was dropped on their head.  They would just continue to chase each other around as once again it’s spring time.

The fish that did want to chase our offerings were very aggressive and we had some great fun.  We caught some nice roosterfish and had a few that were very large ready to eat but my guest just couldn’t convert.

Offshore we are having much better luck we have a lot of very hungry stripe marlin in the area and they are willing to eat the fly.  They have been starting out early in the mornings by staying in the deeper water so the boats that are fishing bait down deep have gotten great action early in the day. For those of us who are fly fishing for them most of the action has been happening in the afternoon once the winds come up and the marlin are on the surface.  If you have ever wanted to fly fish for stripe Marlin now is the time.  Each spring we have some great fly fishing for Marlin and this year is no different.  We should continue to this good action until mid June.

We will be out there again the entire week next week.  I will be sure to let everyone know what we find.  I hope everyone finds some time to get out and go fishing this week.

Until next time…………