Chasing Birds:Dorado Action is Great.

Written by

Jeff deBrown


Air temp.
Low – 50
High – 82

Water Temp: 73


Over the last week in East Cape and Cabo, we have been seeing some pretty good action inshore despite the rain and overcast conditions.

East Cape: The dorado bite has been good and most of the bigger dorado have been found around the lighthouse area. Average size dorado is around 15-20lbs. Normally, at this time of year there are very few dorado around the East Cape this late in the season, but for some reason they are still around and there is no telling how long they will stick around.

San Jose and Cabo: The inshore bite has been really good lately with some incredible bird action and big dorado. We found birds almost every time we where out and moved from one school to the next following the birds. Also, the sierra bite has been very strong with the average fish being around 4 pounds. There also some reports of yellowtail in the area and we should know more about their location shortly.

I will be in Colorado for the trade show on January 4th  and then off to Sacramento, CA.  I will grab some video and pictures of the new products for 2013 and post it on Facebook, so be sure to keep an eye out.

Tight lines,